Wolves Watch (Losing Against Fast-Paced Teams)

Tonight in this special guest-rendered Wolves Watch, we'll review last night's game between the aforementioned Timberwolves and the struggling Golden State Warriors, and preview tonight's all hip-hop edition against the most awkward team in the league, the Phoenix Suns. But first, a picture of some skulls representing what we're all facing someday: a rivalry between the Suns and the Wolves!

For the first time since the early oughties, the Timberwolves are playing the best out of the three or four pro sports franchises in Minnesota (just kidding, but I'm not looking up the record of the Minnesota Wild either). Despite the team's ghastly 6-19 record, I stand by this statement: the trifecta of Michael Beasley, Kevin Love and Дарко Миличић are the best young front court in the league, and if Ricky Rubio wasn't such a fucking baby, they'd be an awesome team. Actually, even with just Martell Webster and Jonny Flynn coming back, they're incredibly exciting (to think about and not watch)!

Last night was probably the beginning of this dynasty: Webster and Flynn both had their season debuts, and while Flynn performed decently off the bench (a three pointer and four assists in sixteen minutes), Webster showed the kind of play that made him such a valuable role player for the Blazers last season - in 26 minutes, he put up 6-8 shooting and a few free throws for 17 points, five rebounds and unfortunately, five turnovers. And Darko, holy hell, you mammoth you: the Big
Миличић went off for a career high 25 points last night. Other than that? Eh. Corey Brewer and Luke Ridnour sucked. Kevin Love rebounded ball.

Tonight against the slumping Suns (did you know the Suns fell below .500? I had no idea, nobody on their team knows how to dunk so they're never on ESPN), the Wolves will probably lose again, BUT they will definitely not get outmuscled in the post. The Wolves are traveling to balmy Phoenix, where they will face a team faced with a three-game losing streak, and one actual center, the returning and mediocre Robin Lopez. So, this should be fun.

Uninformed Prediction: Phoenix 115, Minnesota 102


Kelly said...

actual final score: suns 128, wolves 122!

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