Relax and Read Everything You Need to Know About Tonight's Games In Bullet Point Form

When you consider the various "important games" of tonight, consider this photograph of Corey Maggette and Andrew Bogut, relaxing on the parquet floor of the Bradley Center! (Sidenote: did you know why the Bradley Center is called that? Well, it's because of some philanthropists. It should be relaxing to think about it being called that rather than Power Balance Arena, totally!)

- Atlanta/Philadelphia will determine who will eventually get beaten up by the Magic and Heat (respectively) in weirdly quiet, yet still sold out arenas in the first round of the playoffs.

- Tony Allen (and the Memphis Grizzlies) will return to Boston to get cheered with more vigor than Jeff Green, Nenad Krstic, Sasha Pavlovic and Troy Murphy combined!

- Whoa, Phoenix is on the other side of a back-to-back tonight? And they play the Raptors? Woof.

- The Knicks will attempt to see whether they or the Jazz got the stiffer end of their respective trade deadline moves!

Other than that, just relax and think about Nate Dogg hooks, seagull calls and the warmth of artisanal woolen pelts.

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