RE: Negative Dunkalectics' Playoff Previews

If you're one of the thousands of regular unique visitors to this blog, you've probably noticed that we have interrupted our daytime feasting of philosophical and economics texts over the last couple of days to present to you a unique vision of an NBA playoffs preview, where we've been comparing old albums (largely in the Fourfa tradition) to this year's crop of postseason contenders. Boy, digging through my vinyl MP3 collection has been fun in the process, a real trip down memory lane. The following is a (continuously being updated) list of our playoff previews:

Eastern Conference:
Western Conference:
This has taken a lot of collaborative work to put together, more than we've ever done with this site: a lot of heated arguing about what team the Oklahoma City Thunder and both Texas teams will be, tears (appropriately), and trying to avoid begging the dude from Saetia to write about himself.

Appreciations for the posts should go to the ND braintrust who've been helping out with this, and engaging in a daily, topical conversation: Kelly, Dennis, Tom, Dave and Kevin. Many of them lived through the age of these bands, went to their horrible shows, and bought their terrible 10" records. Let their names remain anonymous until we make a real contributors page. Have a great day! :(


Anonymous said...

I love this game! Here's my predictions for comparisons to the remaining teams!

Celtics: Poison the Well - Tear from the Red

Heat: June of '44 - Engine Takes to Water

Thunder: Unwound - New Plastic Ideas

Mavs: Still Life - The Incredible Sinking Feeling

Sixers: Indian Summer - Science

Hornets: Antioch Arrow - The Lady is a Cat

Spurs: The Get Up Kids - On a Wire

Hawks: Dag Nasty - Wig Out at Denko's

Magic: Pg. 99 - Document 7

Anonymous said...

I meant Hornets for Pg. 99, and Pacers for Antioch Arrow. Whoops.

Kelly said...

Coincidentally I just accidentally listened to New Plastic Ideas this morning!

Anonymous said...

I like that one for OKC: kind of a turning point for both the team and the band -- is this as good as they get, or do they go on to bigger and better things? Seems like OKC has both a Future of What and a Leaves Turn Inside You in them somewhere down the line.

Anonymous said...

Last one.
Spurs: Texas is the Reason - Do You Know Who You Are

Kelly said...

Close! Rainer Maria.

Dennis G. Schmuck said...

wreakjavik went 0 for 9

Dennis G. Schmuck said...

(much like derrick rose from 3)

alison said...

this is my favorite thing on the internet

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