Is Landry Fields the Greatest 39th Pick of All Time?

Yes! To drive the point home, here are the most recent 39th picks in reverse chronological order:

Jonas Jerebko - Promising Swede saddled by injuries and being on the Detroit Pistons
Sonny Weems - Threw a great dunk contest lob from the seats to JR Smith
Stanko Barac - Fitting name
David Noel - Almost Gary Neal but not quite
Von Wafer - The Dutch Cookie, fought Delonte West once
Albert Miralles - Involved in the blockbuster trade for Pape Sow
Slavko Vranes - Bitter rival of Stanko Barac

Juan Carlos Navarro - Wishes he was Ricky Rubio
Earl Watson - Has never been seen in the same room as CJ Watson
Lavor Postell - Teammate of Ron Artest at St. John's, weird make up pick for the Knicks after passing on Ron Ron
A. J. Bramlett - Legend in Latvia
Rafer Alston - Skip to my Lou never lived up to his streetball promise, still Landry's biggest competition
Anthony Johnson - Solid backup for many years, nothing funny can possibly be said about him
Russ Millard - Poor man's Jess Settles
Donny Marshall - Poor man's Donyell Marshall
Anthony Miller - Was in the movie "Space Jam"
Thomas Hill - This fucking guy:

Literrial Green - Literally sucked
Jimmy Oliver - Was on the scab 1998 FIBA national team
Steve Scheffler - Notable for this great passage from David Shields' Black Planet
Ed Horton - Teammate of Ralph Hramden
Tito Horford - Al's dad, 1st Dominican to ever play in the NBA
Vincent Askew - Back to back CBA MVP
Rafael Addison - Jersey City's finest
George Montgomery - Javale McGee's dad! Another 39th pick dynasty.
Danny Young - Forgettable Blazers reserve
Granville Waiters - I would say this is the best name on the list if it wasn't for...
Kevin Magee - Wait for it...
Harvey Knuckles - Best name! Too bad he never played a game in the NBA. Was inducted into some sort of Hall of Fame in 1993

I'm not going to bother with the 70s and earlier so if Jerry West was the 39th pick, sue me.


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I'm so stoked that we've now got a David Shields tag!

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