Negative Draftalectics: Place Your Bets

I was sent to Vegas last week, all expenses paid by Negative Dunkalectics LLC, to research how more "legitimate" sportsbooks would be handling the upcoming draft. Unfortunately, when I got there, I saw no draft lines or props on the board! So I had no choice but to blow my expense account betting on the Jamaican soccer team and WNBA parlays.

Turns out Vegas won't post lines for outcomes that are based on a singular or collective decision as they are easy to manipulate (paying off a GM, etc.), but the ND Sportsbook has no such hang ups. On top of that, we now accept bitcoins, another thing Vegas is behind the curve on (Apparently you get weird looks when the guy at the Venetian asks for payment and you pull out a laptop).

Since we have the 2011 Draft betting market cornered, here are some Props and Exotics for your perusal:

While most of the lottery picks will be invited to the green room, there are always a few less prestigious prospects who invite themselves to the party, sit in the stands, and high five the audience when they are finally drafted in the late 1st or 2nd round. Past examples include Greivis Vasquez and the great Gheorge Muresan. Who will be that pro-active party crasher this year?
  • Kenneth Faried: 4-1
  • Nikola Mirotic: 7-1
  • Kyle Singler: 10-1
  • Jeremy Tyler: 20-1
  • Xavi Rabaseda: 25-1

Colorado's Alec Burks beat the odds by being only the 2nd player ever named Alec drafted by an NBA team, the other being former Miami Heat center Alec Kessler. Kessler was drafted 12th in 1990. Will Burks top that and become the highest ever draft pick named Alec?

  • Yes -160
  • No +130
  • It'll be a tie +800

Which Morris will be picked first?
  • Marcus -700
  • Markieff +600
  • Darius +4000
  • Zachary +10000

2011 Draft Class Over/Unders (Payable in 2020 by Yuan):
  • All-star games: 0.5
  • D-league all-star games: 2.5
  • European League players: 7.5
  • And1 Mixtape League players: 9.5
  • Really good players in the local pick-up game: 14.5

Who will be booed loudest when arriving at the podium?
  • David Stern -400
  • Adam Silver +320
  • Random foreigner drafted by the Knicks +900
  • Unknown Russian with "connections" drafted by the Nets +2500

If Utah passes on Jimmer Fredette, what will be damaged most in the ensuing SLC riots?
  • Non-alcoholic beer bottles: 3-1
  • Joseph Smith's statue: 5-1
  • Boxes of special underwear: 8-1
  • Mitt Romney's campaign office: 15-1
  • The possibility that rioters will have their own planet when they die: 30-1

That's it for now. Stay tuned for a special lockout edition of the ND Sportsbook, including prop bets on what Gilbert Arenas will order on his next visit to Cheesecake Factory.

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