Tweet Index: Mock Draft

Tweet Index: Mock Draft 1.0

Originally I outlined a whole "Bleak Index" article full of draft tidbits and reasoning. Then I realized I dont have access to a tool like Synergy and had to rely on my own hazy memories along with grainy YouTube videos and the ten thousand other mock drafts strewn all over the net. But I can write short Tweets, so I give you the...

"Tweet Index -- Mock Draft 1.0":
  1. CLE – Kyrie Irving: It will happen. Cleveland pretends it won't, but it will.
  2. MIN – Derrick Williams: Maybe a trade but he'll go 2.
  3. UTA – Brandon Knight: I think Utah trades down and 3 and 4 might flip flop. Or they take Jimmer at 3!
  4. CLE – Jonas Valanciunas: Depending on who picks 3, it might be Knight here. Might flip with Kanter due to sign-ability but Jonas will be better.
  5. TOR – Bismark Biyombo: Maybe high, but would compliment Bargnani.
  6. WAS – Klay Thompson: NBA pedigree. Would fit in with John Wall.
  7. SAC – Kemba Walker: Great college player. Don't think it really makes sense but this is the Kings.
  8. DET – Jimmer Freddette: Also doesn't really make sense. But nothing either Sacramento or Detroit does.
  9. CHA – Marcus Morris: Personally prefer his brother. Don't like him as a SF and stretch-PFs only fit on teams with strong Cs.
  10. MIL – Alec Burks: Athletic, youngish, but a questionable shot. DeMar DeRozan 2.0?
  11. GSW – Kawhi Leonard: You can't tell me you like Dorrell Wright enough to not take Kawhi.
  12. UTA – Jan Vesely: He is a terrible FT shooter and yet is allegedly a SF. He can dunk though.
  13. PHX – Tristan Thompson: Slightly undersized PF? PHX? That could work.
  14. HOU – Enes Kanter: He will probably be gone earlier but I don't think it will be one of the teams ahead of Houston picking him. Hint: Trade.
  15. IND – Marshon Brooks: There are other options but a “scorer” could be in the Pacers' sight.
  16. PHI – Donatas Montiejunas: The Sixers will disappoint their fans no matter what they do so they might as well pick a guy with a name that's hard to say when you curse him.
  17. NYK – Nikola Vucevic: Big, rebounds, passes but lack athleticism.
  18. WAS – Markieff Morris: Whoever gets him will be content but not overjoyed. Will be solid.
  19. CHA – Chris Singleton: Potential pick anywhere from 7 down. Will be a defensive stalwart.
  20. MIN – Jordan Hamilton: Smooth shooter who could provide some spacing.
  21. POR – Kenneth Faried: Blazers want instant impact. Faried doesn't have a huge ceiling but will produce on the boards.
  22. DEN – Tobias Harris: Nugs can take a chance and see how he develops.
  23. HOU – Bojan Bogdanovic: Feels like a Morey pick. Been a prospect for so long he may be underrated.
  24. OKC – Malcom Lee: Will probably be a steal. UCLA guys produce in the NBA but they go lower than they should thanks to Ben Howland.
  25. BOS – Keith Benson: He's tall? I really have no idea what Boston is planning in the next few years. Besides paying Jermaine O'Neal a lot of money.
  26. DAL – Tyler Honeycutt: Peja, Cardinal, Deshawn Stevenson... yeah Tyler Honeycutt could fit in Dallas.
  27. NJN – Davis Bertans: Will he come over this year? No. But could be a useful piece when Deron leaves Brooklyn.
  28. CHI – Jimmy Butler: Good Character. Knows how to be a role player. Need another bench SF.
  29. SAS – Nikola Mirotic: San Antonio needs someone who can make a big impact up front soon. Splitter may never come over. See what I did there?
  30. CHI – Scotty Hopson: Probably a second rounder... but does anyone really know who will be picked 30?

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Kelly said...

If Faried gets taken in the first round, I'll bet he moves into a place with a high ceiling.

Ryan said...

BISMACK...not Bismark

Don't disrespect the new King!

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