A Week After The Super Bowl, The NBA Presents...The Sadness Bowl!

If you are a fan of historically bad NBA teams (and who isn't), this evening's matchup between the Cavaliers and Wizards is a wet dream. The Cavs need no introduction, finally breaking a record 26 game losing streak against the Blake Show, while the Wizards have still not won a road game in 25 attempts. To get you ready for this Bad Basketball Bonanza, lets look back at some historically bad regular season NBA matchups throughout history.

January 17th, 2003: Nuggets (9-29) 97, Cavaliers (8-32) 80

In the midst of a tankfest by both teams preparing for what would be a league-changing draft class, the Cavs and Nuggets were disappointed to learn that it wasn't mathematically possible for both teams to lose when they met in January. The Nuggets did their best to get an L by starting Junior Harrington and Vincent Yarborough. But the Cavs had a secret weapon in the form of the great Ricky Davis, who made 3 of his 14 shot attempts, ensuring that the NBA would be relevant in Cleveland for the next 7 years...and never again.

April 24th, 1999: Clippers (8-35) 105, Grizzlies (8-36) 96

The lockout shortened 98-99 season was ugly for most of the NBA, but no 2 teams prayed for a year off more than the Grizzlies and Clippers (Somehow I don't picture Bryant Reeves running two-a-days to stay in shape during the CBA discussions). Their late April match-up was the last time either team won. The Grizz got an inspired performance from former Greatest High School Player Ever Felipe Lopez (he made all 6 of his shot attempts!) but it wasn't enough to outlast the Maurice Taylor lead Clip Joint.

You'll be playing with Bryant Reeves, Cherokee Parks, Tony Massenburg. These names may mean nothing to you now, but they will someday. You'll love it in Vancouver.

January 15th, 1982: Clippers (10-25) 117, Cavaliers (6-29) 108

The Cavs had already fired 2 coaches by the time they entered this contest, with a pre-bad boys Chuck Daly now coaching the team (Bill Laimbeer also suited up for the Cavs). He would also be fired before the end of the season. The Clippers would only win 7 more games, and suffer through a 19 game losing streak at the end of the season (amateur hour these days).

November 24th, 1972: Braves (4-15) 105, 76ers (1-19) 96

One of the record breaking 73 losses the 76ers had during their historically bad 72-73 season came against the Buffalo Braves in Hershey, PA. 10 years before, Wilt Chamberlain posted his 100 point game in the same town in front of a crowd of 4,124, prompting the running joke that thousands more have claimed they were there.

March 15th, 1949: Indianapolis Jets (17-42) 90, Providence Steam Rollers (12-45) 84

One of the final games of the BAA before they absorbed the NBL to become the NBA. These 2 teams were so bad that they were not invited to the NBA party and folded after the season. The Providence Steam Rollers were 46-122 in their 3 years including a record low of 6 wins during the 1947-48 season. The void left by the Steam Rollers absence would eventually be filled by a Rick Pitino lead Final Four appearance by Providence College and a vibrant Noise Music scene.

Enjoy the game!


Kelly said...

Who knew that Hershey was such a significant NBA town... besides the Hershey Chamber of Commerce.

Dennis G. Schmuck said...

the bobcats should move to hershey

Anonymous said...

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